to feel

             to relax

             to breath deeply

             listen to your body & your five senses 


About Yoko

Yoko was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. In her past she was doing photography, design and craftsmanship.

She has been living in Israel since 2008, and fell in love with Jaffa’s landscape and atmosphere, and the people who live here.

Yoko has been a professional therapist for over 13 years. She studied different body and mind therapy methods all over the world. During her experience with therapy she discovered her own rhythm of patience, through which she could connect and synchronize with the people she treated to help bringing them to deep relaxation.

Her goal is searching for the way of reconnecting to nature by awaking the five senses and feeling the inner personal energy, and try reaching the "Feeling rather than Thinking" moment.


Yoko combines therapy and her love for art and design to create a special holistic experience. The space was created by her to express the Japanese contemporary life and culture embedded in the local Yafo atmosphere. She wants to create a beautiful balance on the line between these two different cultures.

The space is dedicated for treatment and healing.

Her professional crew of therapists is carefully chosen to fit his or her abilities, backgrounds and energy with Yoko’s unique method.
In this place Yoko puts care in every corner and detail. The composition of light and quality of sounds of meditation from in and of the Mediterranean breeze from out, the use of pure organic products, all of it are composed together in minimalistic idea to invite you to a perfect experience of Japanese hospitality and therapy.