Our House Treatments

Our signature house treatment is a holistic treatment, based on the Japanese therapy principles of Hogushi (relief), Nagashi (flow), and Kokyu (breathwork). We use sweet almond oil and a variety of organic essential oils in all our signature treatments.

We start with Japanese tea and a pleasant foot bath...
The Ashi-Yu foot bath helps to increase blood circulation, improves the immune system and improves the effectiveness of the treatment.

We use Japanese Hinoki wood baths and add seasional fruits or essential oils for the fragrance.

Hogushi Aroma 
Hogushi Aroma is a flowing and holistic treatment, based on the Japanese therapy principles of Hogushi (relieving muscle stiffness), Nagashi (improvement of flow), and Kokyu (breathwork). The treatment is a healing and relaxing pressure-point aromatherapy massage. We use only the highest-quality pure organic essential oils.

75 minutes NIS 450

Hogushi Premium
Hogushi Premium is an entire body experience, based on our signature treatment Hogushi Aroma. The treatment includes a longer massage for either the head, face, or feet, based on your wishes. We use a blend of pure organic essential oils with a secret smooth friction oil that directly heals muscle stiffness and aches.

90 minutes NIS 520

105 minutes NIS 600

Hogushi Herbal
Hogushi Herbal is a special massage treatment that uses a blend of 14 warm and steaming herbs, wrapped in soft cotton. The natural healing power of pure herbs relaxes sore muscles and joints and the herbal steam promotes healthy skin through cleansing. The wonderful aroma of the herbs opens the sinuses and airways, allowing deep relaxation.

90 minutes NIS 650

105 minutes NIS 750