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Dr. Hauschka Facial Treatments

The Dr. Hauschka skin care products have been developed by the German medical products company WALA in the 1960's and were amongst the first natural skin care products in the market. The products' ingredients are supporting the skin's natural healing and harmonizing forces. 

Today the company leads a high uncompromising standard of natural quality, using pure plant ingredients grown using bio-dynamic methods. Those methods promote the soil's healing so that it can yield plants with maximal healing powers. The products do not contain any preservatives nor any synthetic fragrance or color. Utmost care is taken during their production so that highest medical production standards are maintained. All products adhere to the international label for natural and organic cosmetics NaTrue which ensures the highest quality of natural organic skin care products.

The Dr. Hauschka facial treatments are holistic facial treatments which have been developed for many years by WALA. The quality of the treatment complements the quality of the products. 

This is a unique facial treatment which offers an opportunity for physical and mental regeneration.  

The facial treatment is known for its special method of touch. The quality of touch is light, flowing, relaxing and exciting for both body and soul. 

In all treatment types warm fragrant herbal compresses are included, and accompany the entire course of the treatment, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being. Lymph stimulation forms the heart of the treatment. It is a gentle massage performed using fine hand movements and soft brush strokes aimed at stimulating the rhythmic flow of connective tissue fluid in the skin. The lymph stimulation helps the cleansing and regenerating functions of the skin. Dr. Hauschka's natural skin products, masks and creams are used generously within the treatment. Hauschka facial treatment results in visibly soft vibrant and glowing skin, and a great relaxation.

Time for yourself - 75 Min.

An invitation to get to know the special quality of Dr. Hauschka's treatment and products. Warm fragrant compresses accompany the treatment, which also includes deep cleansing and a mask. The unique lymph stimulation helps the cleansing and renewal process of the skin. For fresh and vital skin.

Regeneration and relaxation - 90 Min.

Deep relaxation and glowing skin. A unique opportunity for renewal of face, body and soul. Footbath will welcome you into relaxation. Warm fragrant compresses accompany the treatment, including deep cleansing and the use of two masks that will be perfect for your skin. The unique lymph stimulation helps the cleansing and renewal process of the skin. For visibly soft vibrant and glowing skin, and for deep sense of restfulness.


The Dr' Hauschka classical Treatment – tows to head - 120 Min.

For radiant face, glowing skin and deep tranquility. Experience the full effect of the Dr. Hauschka treatment. Footbath will welcome you into relaxation. Legs and arms massage will deepen the calmness and relax your face.   Warm fragrant compresses accompany the treatment, including also deep cleansing and two masksthat will be perfect for your skin. The unique lymph stimulation helps the cleansing and renewal process of the skin. An experience of harmony and serenity is achieved. Your skin will thank you for being radiant, vital and glowing.

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