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to feel
to relax
to breath deeply
listen to your body & your five senses 

Omotenashi - The heart of Japanese hospitality

The concept of omotenashi is deeply rooted in the cultural history of Japan. It represents the Japanese reputation of hospitality, service, politeness, and natural respect for a guest. It is a special one-to-one relationship that is created between a host and a guest.
A good example of omotenashi is a host who knows in advance the needs of his guest and caters to them before the guest expects it, making the guest feel that he is in good hands. 

Omotenashi is also about caring about the small details, the Japanese way of loving the quality and order of things - the smallest of them, offering them with love to the guest who can enjoy the beauty around him.

Our method

Our method is a balanced hybrid of Eastern and Western techniques. The main idea of our therapy is to help the body's natural cleansing process.  We do it in our treatments by encouraging lymphatic activity and blood circulation. This allows a faster and more efficient disposal of waste from our system, resulting in a clearer, healthier skin. We stimulate the energy lines along the body and assist the natural healing power of the body.  We believe that a body treatment routine is an important element of our health care along with balanced nutrition and consistent physical activity.

A five sense experience

We would like to offer you better health, but also give you an unforgettable journey to all your senses. The smell of the tatami and seasonal flowers, the aroma of pure essential oils. The sound of relaxing music or the natural sounds of the ocean waves from the open windows. The taste of finest Japanese tea. The beautifully designed space, all the small details. And above all, the pleasure of a professional healing touch. We want it all to wrap you here, for perfect relaxation.

We use only the finest products

We have a lot of respect for high-quality products that are made by people who love and care about their craft. We are the same. We want to offer our clients the best products we can find because we believe it will make the experience much more enjoyable and healthy. In our spa you will find the best, pure organic, aromatic essential oils,  the best skin care and cosmetics products and premium Japanese towels and robes. Our treatment beds are made by the no.1 manufacturer in the world from California and the tea that is served is a premium quality Japanese green tea. 

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