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Based on Aromatherapy using pure organic essential oils, our original Japanese method is leaning on two main therapy principles  - Hogushi & Nagashi.  The treatment method combines reaching deep into the muscles in order to release stiffness and pain (Hogushi) and smooth flowing movement using pure Aromatic oils to unwind tension, nurture the skin and encourage lymph detox activity (Nagashi). 

Much more than a nice feet warmer, the foot bath helps increasing blood circulation, improves the function of the immune system and raise the general effectiveness of the treatment.  We use Japanese Hinoki wood bath and add sessional fruits or essential oils to enjoy the fragrance.

We start with a pleasant foot bath..

Hogushi Aroma- Our speciality

Hogushi Aroma- Our speciality


Our original special treatment:  A combined technique of deep massage (based on Hogushi and Nagashi) and aromatherapy soothing treatment, based on pure essential oils. Perfect  For stiffness, tension and pain relief.

Hogushi Premium


Our special treatment course,  with an extra care on feet, or head and face. For a balanced, full body experience.

Biijin - Beauty Therapy 

A beauty treatment massage,  focusing on skin care of the body and face, with extra work on curve shaping.  We use a Japanese pealing gel and a secret blend of pure organic aromatic oils that were specifically brewed for enriching the skin, to give it a beautiful new glow.

Ashi Hogushi - Foot massage

Ashi Hogushi - Foot massage

Foot massage treatment with additional care on lower leg pain relief.   This treatment encourages blood circulation and releases energy blocks by stimulating the special pressure point in the foot (Tsubo, in Japanese). These pressure points activate different organs in the body indirectly, allowing improvement of various disorders such as:
cold and aching muscles, skin problems, eyes tiredness and general stiffness of the body.


A unique treatment based on the Indian Ayurvedic medicine, concentrating on intensive drainage of the lymph nodes.  Using the fingertips of both hands, creating a pump- like action by repetitive pressure and release, we encourage a smooth flow and good function of the lymph system. It allows an efficient cleansing of unnecessary body waste.     
By this course of detoxing, the treatment improves digestion, helps slimming and reducing cellulite, balancing body coordination, and efficient with solving general fatigue feeling.  we are using pure organic sesame oil for this treatment. The sesame essence has a powerful high detoxing effect.

Rilaku - Relaxaing Therapy

Smooth relaxing therapy based on blends of aromatic oils that are effective for stress relief, like grapefruit, peppermint, lavender and rosemary. The treatment doesn't try to work deep into muscles but use a gentle massage technique that calms the body, and releases the tension from blocked areas like shoulders and back, palms, head and face. Recommended for people with sleeping problems, stress and intensive schedule.

Bikyaku - Aroma Leg Therapy​

A special leg treatment from Japan for detoxing and cellulite reduction, for perfect legs. We will use a famous Japanese gel for leg care. In this treatment we put concentrated work on encouraging curve shaping of hip and thigh. Vanishing veins and cellulite marks. 

Cream Bath - The new hit from Japan !


Our exclusive head treatment. It's the best gift you can give yourself.. We use a special Japanese scalp and hair cream, based on fruits and herbs. The cream is applied over the entire hair and scalp with a gentle head massage. The technique uses long and continuous strokes of the fingertips, all to encourage blood circulation while opening the hair roots to absorb the wonderful properties of the cream. The neck, shoulders and upper arms are also treated for tension relief and stress reduction.  The feeling is addictive… and the benefits for the skin and hair are amazing. Once you start you really can't stop...

Atama Aroma

The Atama Aroma treatment is based on the base head treatment but is using a special herbal essence gel based on aromatic oils. The gel nurtures the scalp and hair without making it oily. There is no need of washing the hair after the treatment. 

The face skin is connected to the scalp and muscles of the head. Massaging the head regularly has a direct effect on lifting the skin and keeping it in good shape.

Atama Aroma


The "head spa" concept has become in the last few years very popular in japan that is currently a worldwide leader in this field.  The massage of the scalp and head has been proven to help balancing brain activity which controls our mood and the way we feel things. for instance: knowing if we are still hungry or full, if we feel cold, are we happy, relaxed etc. This balance is often disturbed by stress, lack of sleep and others reasons caused by todays demanding modern life.  Around the head there are many pressure points, like in the feet or palms (tsubo, in Japanese). Massaging and pressing these points gives a very pleasant and relaxing feel that will make you seat back and sink deeply in quietness and even fall to a sweet sleep. The brain is working nonstop, the head spa treatments give it a calming break and revival.  After trying it you will realize the difference.   

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