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Treatments for Women

Bijin Body Care

In Biijin body care, we begin with a full-body scrub using our organic and natural  Body Polish, which contains pure aromatherapy essential oils. After a hot shower we continue with moisturizing, using the finest organic oils, and continue with our signature Hogushi Aroma treatment. The holistic beauty treatment has a great effect on your skin and on balancing the inner organs. The treatment leaves you feeling beautiful inside and out.

Bijin Facial Care

Bijin facial is a unique holistic facial treatment that offers an opportunity for physical and mental regeneration. It is performed by unique hand movements, and includes an additional foot and hand reflexology treatment, which helps balancing the body and soul and generates cleansing and renewal of the skin. The treatment will grant you with a glowing skin and a feeling of deep relaxation.

Bijin Beauty Premium

Biijin Beauty Premium is a combination of all our unique treatments - Biijin Body Care, Hogushi Aroma, and Biijin Facial. We start with a full Biijin Body Care treatment - a full-body scrub, using Neil's Yard Body Polish, which polishes the body gently and delivers a deep moisture boost. After a hot shower, we continue with our house treatment Hogushi Aroma combined with Biijin Facial. The holistic treatment has a great effect on the skin, on balancing inner organs, and on your overall health and wellness.

Post Pregnancy Treatment

The post-pregnancy treatment relaxes the muscles, helps bringing the mother's body back to its pre-pregnancy state, and boosts blood circulation and the immune system. It also encourages the release of oxytocin.
For your own relaxation, and to be mindful of other guests, we ask that children do not come along - you can take a precious moment only for yourself. 


Post Pregnancy Herbal

Herbal Massage is an ancient traditional therapy that has long been used by herbal healers and midwives. It is highly recommended as a post-pregnancy treatment. The natural healing power of pure herbs, transmitted by thermotherapy and compression, relaxes sore muscles and joints. The herbal steam has natural healing qualities and it promotes the cleansing of the skin. The wonderful aroma of the herbs opens the sinuses and airways, allowing deep relaxation.

If you are pregnant, we offer our treatments after 16 weeks of pregnancy and before the 32nd week. Please let us know your health condition when you book and consult your doctor before your arrival. Our signature treatment Hogushi Aroma is adapted to maintain and improve the well-being of the expectant mother and child. 

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